July 5, 2011

Are we getting more truthful?

Instances of drivers lying to secure cheaper car insurance are on the decline, new figures have revealed.
According to price comparison site Confused.com, 17 per cent of men have fibbed for less expensive cover this year, compared with 2010’s 46 per cent.
Where women are concerned, last year 32 per cent misled insurers, compared with the 12 per cent who have done so in 2011.
In terms of regions, Londoners emerged as the most untruthful, with over 19 per cent lying to finance providers, compared with three per cent in the East Midlands.
“Whilst people may be tempted to mislead or even lie to their insurer when trying to combat rising insurance costs, it’s certainly not advisable … It could even invalidate any claims made,” head of car insurance with the website Gareth Kloet remarked.
Some of the lies that appeared in the study included fibbing about mileage and where the car is kept at night, with 31 per cent of men and 28 per cent of women saying it is in the garage, when in fact it is outside.

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