November 20, 2017

Applying Make-up Behind the Wheel

Nearly 50% of female drivers apply make-up behind the wheel, being the result of up to 450,000 car accidents a year.

43% of women have admitted to putting make-up on while driving on their daily commute – most commonly applied at traffic lights or in traffic jams. While they realise the dangers, they continue to do it anyway. Statistics reveal that only 5% of women don’t wear any make-up for work.

Women are often thought of as being able to multi-task better than men, but there are times when they should undertake one task and one alone – driving.

The MD of the Women’s Insurer was reported in the news saying, “Is your mascara more important than yours and other road users’ safety? Even if you’re lucky enough to arrive at your destination safely, you could be charged with careless driving if spotted by the police.

“Women are generally great at doing more than one thing at once but this is definitely one area where multi-tasking should not be practiced.”

Any form of distracted driving is highly dangerous and could lead to the driver, any passengers and road users involved, suffering severe injuries or even death.

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