January 11, 2009

An Enterprising Driving Instructor Uses Sat Nav as a Teaching Aid

ADI mark whitcombe programmes routes into his sat nav for pupils to follow as part of a lesson for advanced pupils. Acting as a virtual examiner; the voice of the sat nav leaves mark free to concentrate on the pupils driving, as well as introducing them to the concept of using sat nav in a safe way.
Mark explains how the process works:

“We are living in an increasingly technological world and I think nearly all cars in the future will have some form of sat nav. This means we will have to get used to relying on it more for finding our way around. Teenagers today are mad on the latest gadgets and gizmos so I thought it would be useful to start using my sat nav as a teaching aid for certain pupils to navigate themselves around on a driving lesson.
“For the sat nav to be most effective, the level of the pupils driving must be fairly close to test standard so that my voice does not compete too much with the sat nav’s.

“At home pupils are normally pressing buttons and screens on their mobile phones, I-pods, TVs or computers anyway, so to actually use sat nav on a driving lessons is very interesting for them and generally they understand it very quickly.

“It is also an opportunity for me to explain to them the safe way of using sat nav and how useful it can be. I wonder how many ADI’s use sat nav as part of the complete professional teaching package.”    

Do you know of any driving instructor that uses new technology as a teaching aid in their car? What are your thoughts on this article? Send us your views to Britannia Driving School by using the comments link below:

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