February 28, 2012

Agnes Crystal acted Courageously to Avert the Danger.

Agnes Crystal is not a licensed driver. She does not know how to drive. She is the same person who stopped a runaway bus. She showed immense level of concentration to avert the danger by stopping the bus. She changed the direction and rammed it into the railings. The driver was not in the bus at that time. The bus started to roll down the hill. She reacted quickly and jumped on to the driving seat to avoid the collision with a car coming from the opposite direction. There were eight other passengers on the bus. The Tayside Police has nominated her for bravery award. She is maintaining a low profile. She is feeling good that everybody was safe and healthy in the end.

She took another bus straight away and went to attend the line dancing class. It is a great lesson to draw inspiration from. She is a not a trained driver or holds any practical knowledge. It was her willingness to do something which brought a happy ending to the whole incident. A formal warning has been issued to the driver. We all need people like Agnes Crystal to be the role-model for our society.

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