September 8, 2010


Drivers all have their pet hates but the list below highlights some of the most infuriating behaviour on the roads.

Manners, or lack of – How difficult would it be to thank drivers for being courteous on the roads, or for drivers not to not pinch that parking spot you were waiting for.

Box junctions and blocking roads – Everyone is in a hurry and wants to get through the lights, but keep road entrances clear and only pull forward when it is safe and sensible to do so.

Middle lane hoggers – Drivers that drive at 60mph in the middle lane when the slow lane is free.

Tailgating – It makes drivers feel uncomfortable and pressured and can lead to an accident. Remember the rule, stay at least two seconds behind the car in front.

Indicators and not using them – Indicators are there to give prior warning of an action, let drivers and pedestrians know what you intend to do.

Jumping red lights – Red lights are there for a reason, it means STOP. But for many drivers and cyclists (just as dangerous if not more for cyclists) they seem to view a red light as optional.

Finally taxi drivers – Many of them are culprit to all of the above, they spend all day on the road therefore feel it is their right to be there.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “All drivers should be considerate to other road users and pedestrians, stay safe and enjoy the journey.”

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