December 20, 2011

After a Night Out: Hand the keys to your wife.

We have known it for long! Women are voted-up as safe drivers by a new poll (AA/Populus). The results show that men prefer to take the back seat when it comes to driving after a night out in the local pub. It makes perfect sense to hand over the keys to your female partner when you are drunk. There is no point in driving when you cannot pay proper attention to it. The recent poll has done a massive favour to set the expectations clear. We all know that it is not a healthy practice, under any given circumstances. This would only worsen the situation.

The report could not have come at a better time. The festive spirit is in the air. Everyone is looking to celebrate the occasion. It should be remembered that the core objective is to spread awareness among the people. We feel encouraged, to say the least. The good part is that it brings a sense of responsibility in us. It is another attempt made to keep the roads safe and secure during this festival season. You should make an active participation by being responsible towards the situation.

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