November 10, 2010


The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) are looking to change the theory test and the material available to help prepare for it.

The DSA have already made changes to the way individuals obtain their full driving licence, by introducing the Independent Driving section to the practical test. Now they are looking to make the theory test more about understanding the material rather than just memorising it.

Of course the material available at present including the multiple choice questions and answers published beforehand which can be found online and books and DVDs will still be in circulation. However, there is no guarantee that these questions will be of any relevance when the changes come into effect.

The old material is set to be filtered out and changed in September next year however, the new format for the test will not take place until early 2012.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “The driving test celebrated 75 years earlier this year and it is thought that it hasn’t changed much since the first person took it all those years ago. The DSA are introducing these new methods of testing in order to test drivers on their ability and understanding as opposed to how good their memory is.”

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