September 10, 2010


Dave Smith, 24 and Claudia Kauert, 30 were both killed last year when a van rolled down a hill and pinned the individuals to the wall in Central London.

The driver of the van Larkland May, 52, was delivering a parcel when he left his van parked on Pudding Lane without applying the handbrake. The Highway Code states that when facing downhill you should select reverse gear and turn your steering wheel towards the kerb, unfortunately Mr May failed to do this.

Due to the van partially blocking the narrow road, a passing car touched the van very slightly which in turn meant the van started to move forward. Mr Rosenbaum the driver of the car had presumed the van was occupied and that the driver was moving the vehicle in order for him to pass more easily.

The van continued down the hill travelling at around 12mph and struck both pedestrians from behind. Despite passers-by pushing the van off them, both died later that day from internal injuries.

It was unfortunate that these two individuals were even on this road, as Ms Kauert from Germany was only in London on a business trip and Mr Smith had only recently returned from a year abroad travelling.

Holly Harper of Britannia Driving School said: “This highlights the vital importance of securing your vehicle before leaving it and allowing other vehicles clear access especially on narrow roads. This accident could have been avoided and it is important for drivers to learn from this tragedy.”

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