December 29, 2010


Police warned drivers that they would be vigilant over the Christmas period and that anyone caught drink driving will have to pay the price.

In Southport two men were stopped by police for drink driving on December 17th and will spend Christmas Day serving a prison sentence.

One man was stopped by police when he narrowly avoided a group of pedestrians. Yet the driver did not seem to notice and continued driving. When pulled over by police, he smelt of alcohol and could not speak coherently leading police officers to believe he was under the influence of alcohol. He was found to be two and a half times over the drink drive limit.

This particular individual does not seem to learn from his mistakes and this will be his second Christmas behind bars. Due to this the judge served him a sentence of 16 weeks in prison.

Drink driving is a dangerous thing to do and you’re not only playing with your life but the lives of others. Think before you drink and drive!

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