January 6, 2009

8x More Men Than Women Drink Driving

It was stated that men accounted for nearly eight times the number of women caught drink driving in a study in North Wales over the last five years. 19 year old males made up for the largest number of males caught drink driving with the highest number of women drink drivers stopped by police being 20 and 36.

Since 2003 a staggering 8,484 drink drive offences have been committed by men 13 to 88 in comparison to 1,276 by women aged 14 to 81 – quite shockingly a total of 131 boys and girls under the legal age to drive were also arrested for being in charge of a vehicle while having intoxicants in their breath. The Freedom of Information Act revealed 429 males who were caught for drink driving were aged 19 years old.

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