August 17, 2010

64% of drivers admit to potentially dangerous driving

Some 64 per cent of British drivers have admitted to driving in a potentially dangerous way, a study has revealed.

Research conducted by Sainsbury’s Car Insurance found that 38 per cent of motorists had driven while eating or drinking in the last month.

Some 28 per cent admitted to driving whilst feeling tired, 18 per cent said that they had got behind the wheel while wearing flip flops or without shoes, which is a four per cent increase on last year.

Over the last month, some 16 per cent of motorists drove at excessive speed, the survey revealed.

Ben Tyte, Sainsbury’s Car Insurance manager, said that simple things like eating while driving can significantly increase a person’s risk of being in an accident on the roads.

“We would urge motorists to focus on their driving and not be tempted to engage in anything that may distract them,” he added.

Earlier this week, research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists revealed that 44 per cent of motorists in the UK are in support of the government’s decision to cut the funding of speed cameras.

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