April 9, 2013

50 Fines a Week for Woeful Wolverhampton Drivers

Up to 50 fines a week are being dished out to motorists who flout road laws in Wednesfield High Street and Wolverhampton city centre, figures revealed today.

Police have patrolled the High Street, as well as Market Street in the city centre, after complaints from residents and cyclists about vehicles driving illegally along the routes.

Latest figures show that, since the crackdown started in February, more than 400 tickets were handed out.

Insp Sarah Thomas-West said: “It is a problem that has been raised for the last couple of years.

“Previously, we’ve had to prioritise things like shoplifting but now we have a different team that looks at that so we’re able to focus more on longer-term crime and issues that are concerning the community. I cycle to work in Wolverhampton and I’ve seen firsthand vehicles using Market Street when they’re not suppose to.

“Since taking this action, we’ve had no more complaints while we’re still monitoring the issue in Wednesfield.”

Drivers stopped by police over the past two months have been fined £30 as a result of driving illegally along the routes. Insp Thomas-West said officers would continue to monitor the three locations and take action against those caught flouting the law.

The police action was today welcomed by councillors, who said it had been an issue continuously raised by residents.

Wednesfield councillor Neil Clarke said: “A lot of people do complain about this because it is a problem, and I welcome the action from the police.

“People ought to take more notice of the signs that are there to make the High Street safe.

“I use the High Street quite frequently to do little bits of shopping and I’m very pleased that the police are taking this action.

“If they can keep these people out of the area, then I’d be pleased with that and I’m sure the majority of people in Wednesfield would welcome it too.”

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