May 27, 2009

3 Motoring Risks To Avoid

Below are 3 tips which, if you can avoid, will help you be a more safe and sensible driver:

1.    Using Your Mobile While Driving
If you are spotted on the phone while driving your vehicle you will receive penalty points and a fine, this may also affect your car insurance for as much as three years!

2.    Putting Your Foot Down
Today’s roads are busy and heavily congested, pedestrians tend to walk out between gaps of cars into busy roads with little caution, speed limits are in place to help you detail with such a situation should it arise.

Don’t forget with the many speed cameras now in place, you could earn yourself 3 or more penalty points and a fine from £60 upwards, not to mention an increase in insurance premiums for years to come.
3.    Driving Under the influence of alcohol
Laws against drink driving are becoming increasingly stringent, a drink drive sentence could put you in prison for six months, given a minimum year long ban and a fine of £5,000. It is also important to remember that some drink drive offences can stay on your licence for up to 11 years.

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