January 31, 2013

2 in 3 Motorists Uses Their Phone Whilst Driving

It’s official; Drivers that use mobile phones whilst on the road are more dangerous drivers, a new survey reveals.

The US-based AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has suggested from its research that over 2 in 3 drivers often hold phone call conversations whilst driving.

However despite this shocking figure, a large proportion of those questioned have admitted that they consider other drivers on the phone to be dangerous, regardless of their own infidelity.

Whilst almost 90% of those questioned believe that using a mobile phone whilst driving is a dangerous activity and should be discouraged, this does not seem to have had any impact on their own actions.

The research also suggests that drivers who use a mobile phone regularly whilst driving are also more likely to take other driving-related risks, such as:

Driving above the speed limit: 65% admitted to this.
Driving whilst tired: 44% admitted to this.
Sending a text or email: 53% admitted to this.
Driving without wearing a safety belt: 29% admitted to this.

In stark contrast, motorists who do not use a mobile phone whilst driving,

Just 31% reported speeding.
Just 14% reported driving drowsy.
Just 3% reported sending a text or email.
Just 16% drove without a safety belt.

A vast majority slated drivers operating a mobile and a vehicle at the same time, with 95% voicing disapproval. However two out of three young drivers admitted to this behaviour, with over a quarter even admitting to updating their social media whilst behind the wheel!

A study conducted by the University of Utah in 2006 provided proof that driving whilst using a mobile phone renders the driver as incapable a motorist as a highly intoxicated driver due to the extreme levels of distraction it evokes in the driver.

If you need to answer the phone whilst driving, simply find a safe and convenient place to pull over, or wait to call them back; Surely this is a preferable option than crashing your car, wrecking your pride and joy, and potentially injuring yourself or others?

Safe driving from Britannia!

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