June 7, 2012


We have known it for too long: if you are going for a night out, don’t drive ager! If you are going out with friends, select someone who will drive back. Ensure that they wont drink. It’s worth taking it in turns and have it so a different person is in charge of driving the group back after a night out.

It makes perfect sense to hand over the keys to your non-drinking friend when you are drunk. There is no point in driving when you cannot pay proper attention to it. We all know that it is not a healthy practice, under any given circumstances. This would only worsen the situation. Accidents happen when drink driving and so this should always be avoided. There is never an excuse to drink and drive. So please do not.

As we are entering into the summer now and all of you are heading off to beer gardens and outdoor events, there will of course be drinking involved. This does not mean however that you can become relaxed when it comes to driving. So please exercise caution and please do not drink and drive.


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