May 8, 2012

Road Signs

There are road signs all around us and they are there for an important reason. The message is always written clearly and if you’ve done your homework you will know what they mean. They are there for your safety. Road signs should be taken seriously. People often overlook them or do not pay attention at all. Why? I think it’s because we get too relaxed and comfortable. But we must remember that driving is not a task that should be taken lightly. A car can be a blessing, and it most cases it is, but other times, when used for the wrong reasons it can have horrific effects.

We must therefore look for road signs  and understand their importance. Study them, remember them, test your self on them. Go back to your books. Remember they are there to help us drive more safely. We must drive safe because if we don’t then accidents happen. The road signs are very easy to read and understand. It is highly advisable to read them whenever you are traveling to a new and different place. It takes one wrong turn to keep on running in circles for hours.

Here’s what to do:

1. When you get in your car, make a conscious effort to look for road signs

2. Ask your self, “what does that mean?”

3. Then say, “do I have alter the way I am driving because of the road sign?”

It may be worth doing these things when you go for a walk. It’s amazing how many road signs you will see.


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