March 11, 2015

Worst Learner Barred From Local Schools

Janine Mars, 31, from Chatham in Kent has been barred from local driving schools having forked out more than £5000 on 14 years of lessons but still not being up to scratch. She has taken 250 lessons, used five different instructors and failed her practical test four times.

After driving the equivalent of London to Perth, Australia, she still can’t master pulling away from a junction without stalling. And now instructors in Kent won’t take her on because they know how bad she is.

Janine started driving in 2001, but changed instructor after 15 lessons because they didnt get on. When she moved to her second teacher, she had more than 100 lessons before realising he wasn’t going to put her forward for a test. As work got in the way, it wasn’t until 2012 that Janine got back in the driver’s seat. After switching to a fourth tutor and even sitting double lessons with him, she moved to her fifth instructor last August but still couldn’t pass her test.

She now says she took a break after her last test in October but wants to do an intensive course. She puts down her issues with driving to a lack of confidence. She has now adopted a routine before every driving lesson. She said: ‘Before I get in the car, I eat a big breakfast and drink a mug of tea. Then, without fail, I play Happy by Pharrell to get myself into a more relaxed mindset.’

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