October 17, 2017

Woman spotted driving the wrong way down A52 from Derby

According to the Derby Telegraph “cars, lorries and motorbikes were parting like the Red Sea” when a motorist drove the wrong way along the A52 in the afternoon of Sunday 15th October 2017.

Drivers travelling from Nottingham towards Derby at around 2.50pm said they saw a woman driving towards them on the wrong side of the carriageway at speed.

One driver said that because of the concrete barriers on either side of the road it was almost impossible for him to pull over, but as soon as he was able to he contacted the police to report the incident.

Another motorist reported that encountering a vehicle driving dangerously towards him on the wrong side absolutely scared the life out of him. “It’s not what you expect to see coming towards you on the dual carriageway.”

If you came across a motorist travelling on the wrong side of the road, would you know how to react in the safest possible way?

Safe driving from Britannia!