April 14, 2016

Why We Drive On The Left

Driving is a funny thing – Although every country in the world contains drivers, the rules for the drivers in each country differs massively, even between places as close as Britain and France!

One of the most common differences you may be aware of is the rule of which side of the road to drive on. Whilst Britain drives on the left, a majority of other countries instead drive on the right. So why the reason for this seemingly innocuous change?

Historically people always used the left side for travelling, long before cars ever came about, so that they could use their right hand for sword-based defence against potential attackers – However this changed when Napoleon (who was left-handed) deemed that all road users should instead use the right-hand side as part of France’s social rethink – Which then spread to countries France would go on to colonise, including America.

Safe driving from Britannia!