May 20, 2015

Why learn to drive in London?

With all the excellent public transport on offer in London, most Londoners do wonder why learn to drive? But there are many reasons why it is important to learn to drive. First and foremost, it is a skill and it is an important one, just like riding a bike. Also just like riding a bike, it is a skill you never forget. Even if you haven’t driven for years after passing your test, all you need is a few refresher lessons to get you back up to the same standard.

Even if you don’t wish to buy a car straight away, having a licence is an important quality. In particular, a number of jobs require you to have a full UK licence.  Therefore, having a licence will open you up to more employment possibilities.

You may not want a car now but you may do in the future. The public transport in London is certainly great but the public transport outside of London isn’t as good. If you move in the future, you may want to invest in a car, therefore, having a licence will ensure you are ready to buy one.

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