January 13, 2015

Watch Out For The Blind Spot

All drivers are familiar with the dreaded blind spot – that mysterious area lurking just outside your peripheral vision, and undetected by the mirrors in and outside your car. The blind spot is simply the area that you can’t see outside your car in your mirrors, and whilst you may think you can see enough around your vehicle to keep you safe, the blind spot is a notorious culprit for road accidents.

Far from what most people think, the blind spot is actually a pretty large area – if a cyclist, biker or even another car can hide in it easily, then it must be larger than you anticipate. The best way to keep yourself safe against this threat is to check your blind spot every time you make a manoeuvre, particularly when pulling away from any stationary position.

Also make sure you don’t wind up in someone else’s blind spot – this is usually to the right of a car, and slightly behind them. If you find yourself in this situation, it is advisable to slow down and allow them to move on ahead of you (rather than overtaking), just in case they don’t happen to check their blind spot before pulling out.

Safe driving from Britannia!