August 30, 2018

Usual Reason Not To Pass Your Test

Although these are some usual reasons that people haven’t passed make sure you don’t replicate them. Book some lessons with us to get you test ready!

Make sure to use wipers, if it starts pouring the wipers must be put on if it’s a little or a lot make sure your vision isn’t impaired. A learner failed due to their reluctance to use their wipers.

Another factor that may affect your vision is not turning on your demisters, one learner failed as although they had completed a reverse bay park they failed as there was no visibility through their window. Make sure your vision is clear.

We also always advise that you practice some test routes with your instructor so that you are best prepared and feel comfortable with your surroundings. One learner queued cars in a line behind the traffic but the learner didn’t realise that the cars were all parked. So make sure that you get accustomed to your surroundings and test route.

Safe driving, from Britannia!