July 3, 2018

The Emergency Stop

When it comes to taking the driving test, part of the criteria may involve demonstrating the emergency stop or as it is sometimes referred to, the controlled stop.

You can never be certain that your driving test will involve the emergency stop and there are other manoeuvres that the instructor can choose from. The examiner will now ask you to move off when ready. As this is an emergency stop, in a real-life situation, you would not have time to check the mirrors before stopping. Just as in real-life, do not look in your mirrors before conducting the emergency stop. The examiner is looking for 3 key elements for the emergency stop:
Speed – fast reaction time from releasing the accelerator to applying the brake and clutch
Control – bring the car to a brisk, safe and stationary position under a controlled stop
Observation – ensuring it is safe to move away when completed

Safe driving from Britannia!