December 16, 2015

Takeaway Worker Tried To Get Someone Else To Pass His Theory

A Chinese takeaway chef from Coventry, Yanseen Lin, got someone else to turn up to take his driving theory test because he couldn’t speak English. He had previously attempted the test in Chinese, but when foreign language tests were scrapped, a further test was booked in English.

He was due to attend to take the test in July last year, but instead another man turned up and produced Lin’s provisional driving licence. The document was examined, and the test centre employee immediately realised the man in front of her was not the same person whose photograph was on the licence. As a further check, that man was asked questions including when he had previously sat the test and what email address he had used to book the test. And when he could not answer the questions, he was turned away from the centre and not allowed to take the test.

Lin was traced and arrested in January this year whilst the man who turned up for the test hasn’t been traced. He said he had booked the test with the aid of a friend whose email address he used, but denied getting someone else to take it for him. Lin claimed he had lost his licence, but did not know where and had not reported it, and he could not explain how someone else had ended up with his licence and the details of when to turn up for the test.

It was pointed out to him through a Mandarin interpreter that the test had been booked in English, which would have been of no use if he had intended to sit it himself but he could not explain that either.

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