December 19, 2014

Staying Safe Over Christmas

Firstly, merry Christmas!

We’re guessing you’re in the full swing of things by now and if you haven’t got your Christmas presents sorted — you’ve still got a few more days, but do hurry!

In the spirit of Christmas, and you know we’re not the ones to dampen any spirits but, we are, as you know, always concerned about keeping you safe throughout the Christmas period.

With the many parties and gatherings that happen during this time of the year—and why not!?—unfortunately, there are more people driving over the legal drink driving limit.

Here’s a few ways to prepare for the upcoming parties and making sure you and everyone else on the road is safe.

1. Plan ahead, can someone be nominated as the driver?
2. Check and see how much a taxi will be
3. Consider having the party at your house so you don’t have to head out!

Be safe and enjoy Christmas.