December 1, 2015

Self-Driving Cars As Safe As Granny

The age of the self-driving car is imminent – With autonomous vehicles legally allowed on the roads in US states such as Nevada, it clearly is only a matter of time until they are as commonplace as normal cars.

As Nissan have been testing their self-driving cars on public roads in Japan, the results were astounding – Using complex algorithms and advanced hardware, these vehicles are able to complete a variety of safe driving techniques such as recognising the difference between a red light and a tail light, make turns safely, change lanes on dual carriageways, cross bridges and intersections and even stop if a car brakes abruptly or a person steps out in front of the car.

Some more advanced skills are yet to be programmed in – Such as pulling aside for an ambulance or recognising safe positioning in unclearly-drawn lanes – But one thing is for sure, this is the start of the end of driving as we know it.

Safe driving from Britannia!