September 2, 2015

Research by telling youngsters driving test included texting

We all know how dangerous it can be to use your mobile phone while behind the wheel, but a new video aims to make it even clearer.

The footage recorded the moment young drivers were told the Government had changed the rules and they needed to prove they could text and drive to pass their test.

The shocked youngsters were surprised by the request with many expressing how odd it was.

But what was more astounding was how bad their driving became when they attempted the task.

In the film entitled: “The Impossible texting and driving test” Belgium-based safety group Responsible Young Drivers makes its point loud and clear.

The “instructor” tells the drivers: “You must prove you’re able to use your mobile phone while driving.”

One of the youngsters looks down the whole time, another crashes into cone and the other throws the driver from his chair.

The test took place on a racing track.

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