September 24, 2018

Police Crack Down on Texting and Driving

In an effort to make our roads safer, Police are using more creative efforts to catch and deter people from using their mobiles while driving and at traffic lights.

They have begun teaming with council bus services to sit in the top of the double-decker buses and observe drivers. This allows them a great vantage point to look into cars and see drivers, which they can then radio into other officers. Not only do drivers get a hefty fine they also receive 6 points on their licence.

Police have also introduced new lower set cameras that will give cameras a clear shot of the driver and whether they are breaking the law, it will also work like a normal camera and send a fine and points form to the keeper who will then pass it to the driver at the time if it wasn’t themselves.

A way that they are catching driver on the motorway on their phones is by having officers driving and using artic lorries which, again offers a great vantage point allowing them to view drivers.

So remember to never text and drive, because no text is worth engendering yourself or others.

Safe driving, from Britannia!