September 26, 2017

Personalised Number Plates

Would you have a personalised registration plate? If not, what are your thoughts on people who do? With countless types of number plates available for all kinds of individuals, it has become something of a trend to have a customised plate on your vehicle.

Rather than having a plate that matches their name, a lot of drivers now prefer to have something relative to their job or hobbies and interests; for example “K9” if they work with dogs, “CH1PPY” if they run a fish and chip shop or “G4MER” if they love gaming in their spare time! Motorsport enthusiasts might be drawn to the assortment of F1 plates currently available and darts players or fans may find the number 180 to be of relevance.

There are literally millions of personal plates and private registrations to choose from but also many laws and procedures that must be complied with.

Safe driving from Britannia!