July 30, 2015

Passed on 36th Attempt

A learner driver did not pass his driving test under their 36th attempt. The learner finally passed at Sutton Coldfield five years after their first attempt, spending £2,232 in fees.

The driver failed their first ten attempts in Kingstanding, then tried once in Kings Heath. They then went back to Kingstanding for another 12 unsuccessful efforts, before switching back to Kingstanding, Sutton Coldfield and South Yardley. The motorists was finally successful in 2013.

However this is not the record for highest number of failing driving test. A learner in Stoke failed 36 times.

The learner from Birmingham almost passed on their second attempt but racked up a serious fault leading to an automatic fail. If it were not for that mistake, they would have avoided their 33 subsequent tests.

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