April 6, 2020

Never Pay by Bank Transfer For Lessons, Find Out Why…

Kate Danby’s 19-year-old daughter Brook Mather learnt the hard way how ruthless the market can be. She booked a course of lessons with Drive Dynamics and was asked to pay by bank transfer.

The lessons never materialized and nor did a refund. Her bank couldn’t reclaim the money as it wasn’t a credit or debit card transaction.

“She was thrilled at the prospect of passing her driving test and in excitement, she didn’t research how long the company had been established,” says Kate. “She had saved hard for the money and was proud that she had organized her lessons and test herself, so the loss has left her devastated.”

Emily at Britannia Driving School Says: “be suspicious if you are asked to prepay for your lessons by bank transfer rather than a card, because if your lessons don’t materialize you will not be able to reclaim your money from the instructor’s bank. Also make sure when you get a quote for lessons that it’s for one hour lessons and not just 45 minutes.”