January 13, 2016

Motorist Prefer Car Over Family

A survey from Direct Line Car Insurance found that 39% of drivers would rather go without seeing their family than without access to a car.

The survey also found that a quarter of motorists would feel anxious if they were without their vehicle, while feelings of depression (15%) anger (10%) and panic (10%) were also anticipated.

A third of motorist questioned said they would incur a loss of earnings if they didn’t have access to a vehicle, averaging £77 per week; however this rises to £104 for those living in London. Those paying for taxis would expect to spend £27 a week while other costs associated with not having a car such as getting kids to school or cancelling social plans cost an average of £31 per week.

Simon Bush of Britannia Instructor Training said: “A vehicle is a very important part of many peoples’ work and social lives, which is why being without it can be so costly. Being without a car leaves many people feeling stranded hence the feeling of such anxiety.”

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