December 14, 2015

Lord Sugar Criticises Boris Johnson Over Road Conditions

The Labour peer criticised the Mayor of London as he spoke of his fury about traffic caused in central London due to the building works of a cycle superhighway. ‘Alan from the City’ called LBC’s feature ‘Ask Boris’ to challenge the Mayor of London to travel with him on his horrendous commute into the city from Essex.

In London, by far the most congested city in Europe, traffic is worse than ever with motorists wasting 13 entire days of their lives each year stuck in jams.

Delays are expected to continue until May next year as workers construct the segregated £47million Crossrails for cyclists route, which runs via Hyde Park Corner, Parliament, Blackfriars and the Tower of London.

Lord Sugar, unsatisfied by Boris Johnson’s apology, argued that cyclists should have some form of identification on them. Mr Johnson warned that clamping down on cyclists could be an infringement of human rights.

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