January 15, 2015

Location Affects Chance Of Passing

It has been found that where you live affects test pass rates. Just over a quarter of women and a third of men were found to pass their test in inner city areas such as London. Rural learners also benefit from being able to practise driving off-road even before they turn 17. The benefit of this is that they can pass their test first time almost as soon as they turn 17.

The driving test is being constantly updated with it being announced last year that the turn in the road being scrapped and being replaced with parking manoeuvres and the use of satnav.

The latest figures around half of men pass their test compared to approximately 43% of women. Pass rates are also higher in more affluent areas which suggests those paying for more lessons before their test are more likely to pass.

Four out of the ten lowest pass rates in the country were in London with other areas including Heckmondwike in West Yorkshire which was recently found to have the UK’s worst learners.

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