June 24, 2015

Licence revoked in amendment mistake

Shane Rae sent his licence to the DVLA to amend his address after moving house and had an unblemished 30-year driving record. When his licence was returned, it was returned minus his entitlement to ride a motorcycle – and when he complained he was warned that his car licence would be revoked as well because the DVLA had no record of his qualification to ride a motorbike or drive a car.

He is just one of hundreds of motorists who have sent their licence to the DVLA to be amended and found themselves confronted with a demand that they provide proof that they passed their test, even if they took it decades ago.

DVLA has already been criticised with many motorists after a new online system that affects people hiring a car was plagued by technical hitches earlier this month, and the emergence of this latest problem will only add to the pressure on the DVLA.

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