July 14, 2015

Hill Starts – How to Do It

For may young or new drivers taking their lessons, the idea of pulling away in the car is one that may fill you with dread – Driving in first gear is after all, the most common time for any driver to stall their vehicle!

But pulling away from a standstill is never more terrifying than when on a steep hill – Especially with other cars parked just inches behind you.

But if you can master this skill, then pulling off on a flat road is never likely to trouble you again! Just make sure to keep your handbrake on, whilst you press the accelerator slightly until the engine starts to purr gently (the trick is to make sure the engine revs slightly more than it would for a flat start) – Then bring the clutch up to the biting point, and release the handbrake – And your car should pull away uphill!

Safe driving from Britannia!