June 28, 2018

Hill starts can be easy?

We all know that a hill start is a dreaded manoeuvre to master, but with a help of one of great driving instructors you’ll soon be a master at it.

Make sure to first prepare yourself and the vehicle to move off. Ensure that you’re in the first gear, and when using the accelerator that you use more and that the noise is louder than it would on a flat surface. Then the most important step is to find the biting point as on a hill it will change from what it usually is on flat surface, once you find it the biting point, make sure to keep your feet still as to not loose it.

Make sure to do you usual checks, look and check all your mirrors and establish that it is clear and begin to slowly release your handbrake. To finds more tips book your lesson with us!

Safe driving, from Britannia!