February 26, 2015

Forced Into Tight Parking Spot

A mother was forced to wait 30 minutes before the driver of the Audi parked next to her returned since he has parked so close she couldn’t get in.

Stephanie Adams had parked her white Vauxhall Corsa at the Lace Market car park in Nottingham but when she returned she found a navy blue Audi A5 Sport TDI Quattro parked just millimetres from her car. She was so appalled that she took a snap of the cars almost touching and posted it on Facebook.

She said that on first seeing the cars she wondered about how she was going to get out but then wondered how she would even get in the car. She contemplated climbing over the child seat which is in the passenger seat but thought she wouldn’t be able to reverse out anyway.

Whilst waiting for an attendant to show how the Audi had parked, she bumped into who she thought was the driver. She described him as about 25 and wearing a suit and said ‘he looked a bit flash’. When the attendant arrived and she went to show him the car, the Audi had gone. Surprisingly, there was no damage to either car.

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