January 4, 2016

Facebook More Dangerous Than Drink-Driving

Motorists checking Facebook and updating Twitter are seen as a bigger menace than drink-drivers, according to new research.

Distracted drivers using social media services like Facebook and Twitter are now seen as a great threat to road safety than drink-driving. This is according to startling research published by the Institute of Advanced Motorists in its new Safety Culture Index report. They found that motorists now regard other drivers’ smartphone use, particularly for text messaging and checking social media accounts, as the biggest factor threatening their personal safety.

Checking or updating social media was cited by 69% of respondents as a ‘very serious threat’ to their safety. However, just 66% said driving under the influence of alcohol was a similarly serious threat.

The report shows that concern over smartphone use is growing: 77% of the motorists questioned said that driver distraction was now a bigger problem than compared with three years ago. Drink-driving, on the other hand, is not seen as an issue of increasing concern: 54% of motorists say this is about the same level of a problem as three years ago, while there is an even 23%-23% split among those who say it has improved.

A report by RAC found that most motorists do not support increased penalties for using a phone whilst four in every five wanted to see traffic police enforce existing laws more effectively.

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