September 4, 2017

Emergency Vehicles

Upon hearing the wail of an approaching siren, drivers will instinctively do what they can to move out of the way as fast as possible.

Even though this is ideally the right thing to do, you still run the risk of being hit with a hefty fine – purely because road laws still apply in the event of encountering an emergency services vehicle, and you’ll still be required to comply with relevant traffic signs.

In your haste to get out of the way of an approaching police car, fire engine or ambulance you could inadvertently enter a bus lane, a yellow box junction or drive through a red traffic light, which could result a fixed penalty notice for £100 and three penalty points on your licence.

The Highway Code states that in the event of encountering an emergency services vehicle, do not panic but take appropriate action to allow it to pass, while complying with all traffic signs. If it is safe to do so pull over, but avoid stopping before the brow of a hill, a bend or on narrow roads.

It is vital not to endanger yourself and/or others and avoid driving onto the footpath. When approaching a junction or roundabout, do not brake harshly as the vehicle behind you may not have the same field of vision.

Safe driving from Britannia!