February 12, 2016

Driving With Children

Learning to drive a car is a major milestone in most people’s lives – Up there with your first holiday, graduating from university, getting married – Or even having a child.

In fact, having a child will likely impact on your driving more than you realise. Gone are the days of reckless speeding and carefree attitude to being behind the wheel. You will find yourself growing ever so cautious when you have your children in the car, perhaps even being more than willing to hold back a long line of cars behind you as you crawl along at a steady 20 miles per hour, just to avoid any risk whatsoever to your young ones.

Remember, when you have children in the car, they are your responsibility – Make sure they are securely fastened in, and that they have a car seat if needed. By all means, keep an eye on your children – But make sure they don’t distract you from the road!

Safe driving from Britannia!