June 9, 2022

Driving Tests being sold in the UK for an astonishing £200!




Driving tests in the UK have reached an at all time high in cost, due to the DVSA backlog. An ever increasing number of hopefuls are being fear led into paying this astronomical price in the hope of being fast tracked into priority booking. This service is being provided by online operators taking advantage of the growing number of learner drivers willing to pay over double to try and book a test date before the end of the year.

According to a BBC investigation, companies are using automated computer software to monitor part of the DVSA system meant for driving schools, and grabbing test slots as soon as new dates are added or existing bookings are cancelled.

The DVSA announced last month that learners could be waiting until 2023 to get a test date booked in, which has only fueled more learners into seeking this alternative extortionately high price option. The DVSA have stated that the covid-19 pandemic is to blame for these long delays and shortage of test dates. The delays have a knock on effect with many hopeful drivers’ theory tests will either have expired or be close to the expiry date, adding extra costs due to many aspiring drivers will now have to re take there theory test which could have a domino effect on the theory test waiting time.

The DVSA state on there website :

“We are also exploring options temporarily to contract in experienced driving assessors to qualify as driving examiners.

The Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) have offered to support us as we explore the feasibility of this opportunity.

We’ll keep you up to date on this area of work as it develops.”


Learner drivers are being urged not to book with these operating services and to only book through the DVSA website, the prices for test are:

£62 for a week day

£75 for a weekend or bank holiday

Unofficial operators and resellers are taking advantage of hopefuls by charging the extortionate prices, some may even be scams so be warned to not take up these offers no matter how appealing they may seem at the time as they may only lead to further disappointment and ultimately could be a pricey mistake to make.

Rebecca at Britannia said:

“We are getting an increasing amount of calls daily from learner drivers who have managed to get a booking through these companies usually a cancellation that the unofficial operators have obtained, but we are unable to accommodate these last minute bookings, as they are usually unaware that an instructor needs to take me them out on a few lessons to check they are test ready and road safe before committing to taking them to test.”

On our website we have a range of different resources to help you with preparing for the theory test and driving test.