November 9, 2015

Driving Tests And Bad Weather

The DVSA have released guidance on exams during bad weather. The main priority for the DVSA is to make sure that it’s safe to go ahead with the driving test for the candidate, other road users and the examiner. All candidates should be assessed fairly, to prove they are capable of continuing to learn without further supervision. Therefore, letting them take their test in adverse weather conditions may disadvantage them.

During the winter, driving examiners actively try to continue testing wherever possible. They will regularly check the road conditions and use areas which are unaffected. They’ll also regularly monitor local weather forecasts and use this information to make informed local decisions. This means that although early morning tests may be cancelled, there’s still a chance the afternoon appointments may go ahead.

During snowy spells, examiners have to consider issues such as visibility of road markings and general road conditions of the local area. They may also need to make some adjustments, for instance, offering to meet the candidate at a suitable location close to the test centre if the test centre car park is covered in snow.

Pupils can get in touch with DVSA and stay up to date about whether or not driving tests are going ahead by either phoning the test centre, calling the DVSA, or contacting them via social media.

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