June 18, 2015

Deregulation Act 2015 change

From Monday 8 June 2015, the qualification route for all approved driving instructors (ADIs) will be the same.

The changes brought in by the Deregulation Act 2015 have removed the ‘Disabled ADI’ category. This makes the qualification process for medically restricted licence holders the same as it is for those with a full licence.

Instructors with disabilities will no longer be made to pass the additional Emergency Control Assessment (ECA) automatically before registering and restricted to delivering paid post-test training in automatic cars.

This means that trainee instructors who hold a medically restricted licence can now become ADIs. The Registrar can ask any instructor to pass an ECA at any time during the qualification process or registration period – we would expect this to apply only in exceptional circumstances. It is also no longer an offence for ADIs with a medically restricted licence to provide paid instruction in a manual vehicle if the person receiving training has a full driving licence.

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