September 28, 2018

Child Arrested for Driving at 100mph

In Yorkshire, Police have arrested a 13-year old boy after being caught at speeds of 100mph.

METRO GRAB TWITTER PC1965 Pearson ??? @WYP_1965 Follow Follow @WYP_1965 More Stolen Golf from a burglary in Shipley, picked up in Keighley and pursued at 100mph to Bingley where it was stung. 2 x males were arrested. Shocking to find the driver was only 13 years old!! ????@WYP_RPU @InterceptorsTV @WYP_FCH @channel5docs #crime #burglary #Bingley #Shipley

Following an investigation, they tracked the stolen car for about eight miles until the car crashed. The driver and passenger were unharmed, but we will see them in juvenile court.


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