June 6, 2017

Beware The Backseat Driver!

No one likes a smart aleck – and worst of all is the notorious know-it-all in the seat next to or behind you, thinking they know when is the right time to notch up a gear or give way to fellow motorists. Don’t lose your cool or doubt your own capabilities to make decisions – let them have their say, but remember that as the driver, your actions are ultimately down to you and you only.

The same applies vice versa: if you are the one dishing out pointers and can’t resist the urge to lean across and hit the horn, try exercising a little diplomacy! Driving can be a stressful business full of conflict, split-second decisions and close shaves, so that last thing your driver wants is further hindrance to their concentration! Stay calm, have a little faith and assume that whoever is behind the wheel knows what’s best for them and for their passengers.

Safe driving from Britannia!