January 6, 2015

Benefits of Refresher Courses

Here at Britannia, not only do we teach our young and inexperienced drivers how to operate a car from the word go, helping to create a new generation of drivers of excellence, but we also offer an impressive range of courses for those motorists currently holding a pink license.

If you have recently passed your driving test and would like to improve your skills even further, or even just help reduce the cost of your insurance premiums, then our fantastic Pass Plus course is perfect for you! Helping to improve your confidence and reduce the risk of an accident is bound to make you a much better driver for the future.

However, our services do not extend only to new and recently passed drivers. Many drivers on the roads have been driving for a long time, however for some reason or another may feel nervous about being behind the wheel, and may wish to brush up on their driving skills. This is where our Refresher Courses come in. We can teach you all you will need to regain your confidence to drive, at more than competitive prices!

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Safe driving from Britannia!