September 15, 2017

Driving Test Preparation and Practice

Before booking your driving test it definitely helps to know what things are more likely to thwart your chances of passing, in order to make sure you don’t fall victim to any of them!

Always observe at junctions. Check properly before pulling out and not just give a cursory glance – use your brain as well as your eyes and examine exactly what’s happening all around.

Your mirrors are there for a reason – all three of them – particularly when it comes to changing lanes, negotiating hazards, carrying out manoeuvres and pulling off. During your test it needs to be made obvious to the examiner that you’re constantly checking your mirrors.

It’s always important to position yourself correctly on the road for two reasons; for best possible view of the road ahead, and so you can be seen by other road users. Do not invade other road users’ space, and be sure you don’t drive too closely to parked cars or cyclists.

Remember ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’, not just when taking your driving test but for the rest of your driving life. It’s not just about signalling though; you need to do it when the time is right and whatever you do, don’t forget to cancel your indicators when they’re no longer required!

Safe driving from Britannia!