August 14, 2018

A Chicken Crossing The Road?

Take a look at what people are seeing on their driving travels…

Hen in a hurry! Baffled commuters have taken to Bored Panda to share the quirkiest things on the roads, including a hilarious snap of a busy chicken rushing across the street (seen)

That's the sound of the police! An amused bystander shared a snap of a policeman appearing to stop a toddler in a toy car as he pointed out traffic regulations to the interested tot

Breastfeeding in public: This deer knew her rights as she chose a rather precarious place to feed her adorable fawns, much to the surprise of motorists

'Bob wears orange. Don't hit Bob we need him': A driver captured the amusing road sign warning motorists about the workmen in high visibility clothing ahead

Safe driving, from Britannia!