July 27, 2015

96 And Still Driving

Harold Veazy from Melton, Leicestershire, is 96 and is determined to keep on driving until he’s 100. He is the first pensioner to feature in a new documentary, 100 Year Old Drivers Ride Again.

The programme gets behind the wheel with some of Britain’s oldest drivers to find out why they still drive. However, the trip out with the cameras was not without incident for Harold, who was last year named Leicestershire’s oldest athlete and who works out at the leisure centre three times a week.

Viewers saw him narrowly miss colliding with an articulated lorry at the junction of Mill Street and Burton Street in the town. When asked how he felt about the incident, Harold said he felt stupid.

Harold will be 97 in September and recently got his licence renewed for a further 3 years. He says he prefers driving today compared with the time when he passed his test as cars are more comfortable. He says this is due to sat-navs and heaters.

Harold learnt to drive in the 1930s and argues that if God thinks he is okay to drive at 100 then he will drive at 100. Drivers older than 70 must renew their licence every three years, but they do not have to take a driving or medical exam.

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